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Welcome to World Banknotes Exchange
No Commission on Foreign Currency Exchange Transactions

World Banknotes Exchange offers the following currencies for exchange and conversion. For the most accurate and reasonable rate quotes please contact us. All rates are subject to fluctuations in the market and can change without notice.

Argentina (ARS)
Aruba (AWG)
Australia (AUD)
Bahamas (BSD)
Bahrain (BHD)
Bangladesh (BDT)
Barbados (BBD)
Belize (BZD)
Bermuda (BMD)
Brazil (BRL)
Brunie (BND)
Canada (CAD)
Cayman (KYD)
Chile (CLP)
China (CNY)
Colombia (COP)
Cyprus (CYP)
Czech Republic (CZK)
Denmark (DKK)
Dominic Republic ( DOP)
East Caribbean (XCD)
Egypt (EGP)
England (GBP)
European Union (EUR)
Faroe Isles (FIK)
Fiji (FJD)
Gibraltar (GIP)
Guatemala (GTQ)
Guernsey (GUP)
Honduras (HNL)
Hong Kong (HKD)
Hungary (HUF)
Iceland ( ISK)
India (INR)
Indonesia (IDR)
Iraq (IQD)
Isle of Man ( IOM)
Israel (ILS)
Jamaica (JMD)
Japan (JPY)
Jersey (JEP)
Jordan (JOD)
Kenya ( KES)
Kuwait (KWD)
Malaysia (MYR)
Malta (MTL)
Mexico ( MXN)
Morocco (MAD)
Nepal (NPR)
Netherlands Antilles (ANG)
New Zealand (NZD)
Nicaragua (NIO)
Northern Ireland (NIP)
Oman (OMR)
Pakistan (PKR)
Papua New Guniea (PNG)
Peru (PEN)
Phillipines (PHP)
Poland (PLN)
Russia (RUB)
South Korea (KRW)
Saudi Arabia( SAR)
Scotland ( SCP)
Seychelles ( SCR)
Singapore ( SGD)
Slovakia (SKK)
South Africa ( ZAR)
Sri Lanka (LKR)
Sweden ( SEK)
Switzerland (CHF)
Taiwan (TWD)
Thailand (THB)
Trinidad & Tobago (TTD)
Tunisia (TND)
United Arab Emirates (AED)
Uruguay (UYU)
Venezuela (VEF)

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